Don’t Feed The Stephanie Bear

My girlfriend Stephanie was having problems with a computer program so she asked me to fix it.  After her wonderful explanation of the problem (“This program isn’t working”), I sat down with the laptop and did my magic.  Her computer was fixed and she thanked me.

That was three months ago.

Now, every time she has a problem with anything relating to the little bugger, I am now obligated to fix it.  I try to tell her to use google but then the Stephanie Bear comes out.

What is a Stephanie Bear you ask?

A Stephanie Bear: (noun) A being of great evil that arises out of the ashes of hell to slay me whenever I do and/or say something that goes against a Stephanie’s wishes.  There is no escaping from the Stephanie Bear.  Like all bears, she runs fast, swims and climbs trees.  And thus, when you see a Stephanie Bear, there is little hope of survival.

What I’ve learned from the Stephanie Bear is that favors start out as little cute things that eventually morph into expectations.  And I have concluded that doing favors is like feeding the bears.

Feeding the bears is a bad idea.

Expectations are bad.

They will end up killing you.

Just like a Stephanie Bear.



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