The Christmas Rush

Winter Storm Albert hit the east coast this weekend dropping 1-2 feet of snow across the shoreline.  Even though it wasn’t on Christmas, the storm really makes everything feel a little more like Christmas.

For the last few weeks, even though the temperatures were down, and I was walking around campus in a hat, gloves and scarf, it just didn’t feel like Christmas time.  Now, with a bunch of snow on the ground, we might just have a white Christmas after all.

But this snow kept those last-minute shoppers home.  A decade ago (well, even just five years ago), this would have been a problem.  But no more.  Shoppers spent their time in their snowed-in home and clicked that mouse until their fingers fell off.

Online shopping sales reached an improbable high of 25% more than this time last year.

And yet, stores are still mobbed!  The shopping area near me is always packed with moms, dads, college kids, and grandparents; all looking for things to put under their Christmas trees and stockings.  Supermarkets are also busy with families getting ready for their holiday feasts.

Where am I during all of this?

At home; nice and warm under a blanket watching Christmas specials.

I did my Christmas shopping online in November.  I filled up that Amazon cart and started bidding on eBay for presents long before the holiday shoppers crept out of their caves to ransack the stores.

I told you before not to feed the bears, right?  Well, don’t feed the holiday shopper either.  They’ll just run you over with the cart of Barbies, stuffed animals and Legos.  The holiday shopper is ruthless and will do anything to get that one toy for their little cubs.

But I also understand why everyone runs around the weeks before Christmas.  Maybe they work paycheck to paycheck and have to shop near Christmas.  If my kid wanted a toy, I’d do almost anything to get that toy under the Christmas tree.

However, I do go out to the store just to poke around for the little extra gifts that are more thoughtful than on a list.  I’m not in any rush though.  I let those grab and rush out like the building’s on fire.  If we all shopped a little earlier and didn’t rush around the week of (or before) Christmas, life would just be much more simpler around Christmas.  It might just put the ‘merry’ back in Merry Christmas.


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