Clean Cars? Really?

This winter has been eventful thus far.  There has been a constant layer of the white fluffy stuff across the entire state and it seems like that it’s snowing almost every week.

I was driving around town yesterday in my messy car, covered in white and brown spots, when a question popped into my head:

How do people keep their cars so clean during the winter months?

I know that most have garages to put their cars in, but even a clean car gets dirty after one or two trips down to the center of town.  Black, white, blue, silver and green vehicles… Spotless! What’s their secret?

They all must own their own car washers.  It’s the only solution.

That is, unless new cars come with their own self-cleaning feature and if so, I want one for my car.

However, the simple thing to do is just to not wash my car until it becomes unbearable to look at.  It’s just going to get dirty again a few days later.  This is what winter does to cars.  Not only that, but if you wash your car at the wrong time of day, it can become a popsicle and that will be most unfortunate.

So, I’m not going to worry about it.  Besides, I’ve seen much worse out on the roads.


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