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Clean Cars? Really?

This winter has been eventful thus far.  There has been a constant layer of the white fluffy stuff across the entire state and it seems like that it’s snowing almost every week.

I was driving around town yesterday in my messy car, covered in white and brown spots, when a question popped into my head:

How do people keep their cars so clean during the winter months?

I know that most have garages to put their cars in, but even a clean car gets dirty after one or two trips down to the center of town.  Black, white, blue, silver and green vehicles… Spotless! What’s their secret?

They all must own their own car washers.  It’s the only solution.

That is, unless new cars come with their own self-cleaning feature and if so, I want one for my car.

However, the simple thing to do is just to not wash my car until it becomes unbearable to look at.  It’s just going to get dirty again a few days later.  This is what winter does to cars.  Not only that, but if you wash your car at the wrong time of day, it can become a popsicle and that will be most unfortunate.

So, I’m not going to worry about it.  Besides, I’ve seen much worse out on the roads.


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So This Is The New Year… And I Don’t Feel Any Different

Another decade will end tomorrow and, man, how things have changed.

  • We’ve had the worst attack on American soil since the Civil War.
  • The Red Sox won two World Series and finally broke the Curse.
  • Virgina Tech massacre (33 students dead).
  • Cell Phones that are smaller than your hand.
  • High Speed Internet.
  • Google.
  • We have Terabyte (TB) hard drives for dirt cheap prices.
  • iPods and other MP3 Players replaces the compact disc.
  • The death of Pope John Paul II.
  • The D.C. sniper was arrested and executed.
  • We have small chips (MicroSD cards) that are the size of our thumbnail that hold more information on them than an entire gymnasium would hold in the 50’s and 60’s.
  • All the other numerous football changes I could give you that you will be completely bored hearing.
  • Saddam Hussein hung on Dec 29, 06

There’s so much more to add but I’ll stop there.  Those are the biggest I can recall (or care about).  I hope the next decade will bring more technological advances and a New York Jets Superbowl :-).

The dropping of the massive crystal ball will commence at 11:59 and people all across the east coast will be cheering.  I, on the other hand, will be half asleep and listening to Death Cab For Cutie’s song ‘New Year’.

The song embraces exactly how I feel about New Years.  It’s just another midnight (like the rest of them) and you don’t feel any different.  People will tell themselves that they will have resolutions and everything will change with the turn of a number.  There will be clanking of crystal glasses while the explosions of champaign bottles will be heard going off in the distance.

But even though I don’t believe the New Year is a big thing, like the song, I too will put my best suit on.  I’ll believe things will be different and that a resolution will be kept for a few days before they go by the wayside.

And then things will go back to normal come Monday.

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To Those Who Will Not Be Forgotten

I was killing time earlier this week by playing NCAA Football 2010 on the Xbox.  Lately, I’ve been working on practicing how to cover the wide receivers.  When I normally play defense, I just pick a lineman or linebacker and let the computer do the rest.  So this time, I played all the defensive plays as a corner.

While playing as Michigan, I had a few horrible plays that went for 70+ yard touchdowns.  I figured that I’d start a new game.  This time, I played as UCONN.  After doing a couple plays, I freaked myself out and time seemed to stop for a moment.

I was playing #6.

I was playing as Jasper Howard.

As most may know, Howard was slain earlier this season at a campus event.  I scared myself so suddenly that I turned the Xbox off as fast as the controller would let me and I threw the controller on the other side of the couch… almost as if it was going to kill me.

Here I am, in my living room, playing a guy who was younger than me and was murdered just a few months ago.  I have yet to update the rosters (if there even is a roster update) but I am considering it now.

After collecting myself, I started asking myself, ‘why?’  Why did I have that reaction?  And I think the only way to explain what happened is that it seemed like I saw a ghost.  Games, such as sports titles, have become graphically enhanced enough that they just look real.

But I stopped myself there.  I suddenly realized that it wasn’t such a big deal; it wasn’t a problem that I was playing #6.  It’s the general consensus that humans want to be remembered, or their loved ones want people to remember the dead.  This is the main reason for gravestones and roadside memorials.  For Howard, he will live forever in the game (or until all Xbox’s cease to exist).  Being able to play this man in a game is one of the greatest memorials one could ask for.

He can still be on the football field.

He can still make plays.

He can still intercept footballs and run then back for touchdowns.

So instead of updating the game’s roster and potentially deleting him from the game, I’ll keep the rosters the same.  I’ll play as UCONN and learn how to properly play the cornerback.  I’ll make interceptions and run them back for touchdowns.  And I’ll do it in memoriam to Jasper Howard… Because no one deserves to be forgotten.


Writer’s Note:  I wrote this last week and kept it as a Draft.  On the same night, Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver  Chris Henry suffered an off-the-field injury and died the next morning.

Like Howard, he too will be memorialized in the Madden games and the next time I get to play Madden 2010, I’ll pick the Bengals and make sure Henry scores a touchdown.

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Don’t Feed The Stephanie Bear

My girlfriend Stephanie was having problems with a computer program so she asked me to fix it.  After her wonderful explanation of the problem (“This program isn’t working”), I sat down with the laptop and did my magic.  Her computer was fixed and she thanked me.

That was three months ago.

Now, every time she has a problem with anything relating to the little bugger, I am now obligated to fix it.  I try to tell her to use google but then the Stephanie Bear comes out.

What is a Stephanie Bear you ask?

A Stephanie Bear: (noun) A being of great evil that arises out of the ashes of hell to slay me whenever I do and/or say something that goes against a Stephanie’s wishes.  There is no escaping from the Stephanie Bear.  Like all bears, she runs fast, swims and climbs trees.  And thus, when you see a Stephanie Bear, there is little hope of survival.

What I’ve learned from the Stephanie Bear is that favors start out as little cute things that eventually morph into expectations.  And I have concluded that doing favors is like feeding the bears.

Feeding the bears is a bad idea.

Expectations are bad.

They will end up killing you.

Just like a Stephanie Bear.


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Playing Catch Without Arms

Have you ever woken up in the morning and say to yourself, “I need something new.”?  I don’t mean a new car or a new DVD. I’m also not referring to a new girlfriend. What I mean by new is changing something about yourself, your routine.

With winter breaking approving in just a few days, I figured I needed something new to do to fill the void of sitting threw classes all week and doing research for my Journalism courses. And thus, the solution to my dilemma was another blog.

Another you might ask?

Yes, this is my fourth blog. Two were more or less small things I threw together during high school. The other was a serious blog about two Blizzard Entertainment games which fell off the face of the planet due to no news coming out earlier this year.

What I plan on doing with this blog is not necessarily write about news but I’m going to try writing about what I need to talk about. It could be as simple as a bad call in a football game or even about a great game. It could be about something I’m writing about for a Journalism course. It could even be about the simple things life what we just overlook.

An example of this could be how we overlook our arms. It’s quite difficult to play catch without arms. But what about those that do loose their arms? How are they going to ever play catch with their son in the front yard or drive a car to work? There are plenty of war veterans who don’t have arms who will never be able to do those activities again (that is unless robotic arm technology becomes more available to the public). It’s those kind of issues I want to be able to bring up. Most likely, those issues will not be as serious as loosing your arms but something to at least make you stop and think.

That is what I’ve discovered about Journalism: There’s so many issues out there to discuss and too many get unnoticed. My major is mainly Video Production and I recently added Journalism to my college resume. There’s just too many issues in one semester to talk about and in the ones you really do write, you can never voice your own opinion. It’s a rule that only the “Opinions Writer” can voice an opinion. Even still, the writer must convey evidence from reliable sources. That’s fair, but a pain to know that you’re right and you still need someone to tell you what you already know. It’s as if I was writing an article on how the sky is blue and grass is green. I know the sky is blue and the grass is green but I need someone to tell me that.

So, I’m writing here because I want to voice my opinions and keep myself writing. I want to write a lot and all the time. Practice makes perfect. Will it be everyday? I sure hope so, but probably not. There will be days where I just won’t have the time, nor the will, to write a long post. But I hope you will come back and I hope you will comment and give feedback and your own opinions on topics. I will be writing my own opinions and you should have the same opportunity.


PS:  I made the header through Photoshop.  Pretty proud of myself on this one 🙂

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